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We can understand how every parent is facing difficulties and worried about the children who are all facing tough timing to pursue quality education to with stand in this competitive world.

Studies are very difficult, studies are very hard, Math is hard, English is very hard this is hard that is hard such are very common complaints and common phobia in many children and we love to remove such phobia.

Personality Development Program in other words Career Development Path we designed practically with lots of examples which we faced in our day to day life which helps children to understand their role very comfortably


Self Confidence

Self Confidence is most important quality to achieve one’s goals and wishes. To invite success one should have self confidence in their abilities. One cannot be successful in his/her life without self confidence. Because self confidence is an identity of one’s individuality, such person is eager, independent, optimistic, loving and positive in nature. The person who lacks in self confidence is always face failures in his life and may leads to depression and confused state of mind. In other words a person who is in confusion is lacking in self confidence.


Career Guidance

Participation in career guidance enhances our thoughts into planning and improves our career preparation and management, thus each student need career guidance to explore our plans for future career to keep proper endeavors depends upon each individual interests, ability and desires. Career guidance in other words is a proper planning according to our inner thoughts into proper direction. It helps us to how we can take steps time to time, generally without proper guidance we just realize the things only after the situations and we become helpless to achieve our goals which leads to live a compromising life. Career Guidance is necessary and there is no option.


Mind Control

Controlling the MIND is as difficult as a blowing wind, mind travels faster than the blowing wind, from the beginning of our childhood one should be regularly take training to control our mind. If our mind is not in our control it will destroy all our qualities and it will direct always into negative actions, when we drive a car if  the steering is not in our control we know what will happen in the same way mind is like a steering in our life, it is one of the root of our life which should be very strong enough that if never shake no matter how strong the wind of our unwanted thoughts and desires maybe we should have the capacity to direct our mind into proper direction. 



Generally when we talk about wellness first thing comes into our mind is about physical or mental state. It is much more than that, and involves full homogenization of our physical, mental, and spiritual well being, and includes our social, emotional, spiritual, occupational, environmental, intellectual and physical wellness. Each of these acts interacts and contributes to our quality of life.


Time Management

Time management is playing a vital role in our life. Now a day’s people are so busy in their lives that they do not have time for themselves and for their children due to which personal training children about  how to manage time is turn into an  important aspect in life, as always busy in playing they tend to forget to do all other necessary things and in this way they pass years together and finally when they look back they see just a blank in their life. Time management educates students and helps them to discover how to make the best use of their time.



Regulation helps to develop the qualities like consistency, time management, and activeness. If one is not regulated in his life means he is definitely carrying laziness and postponing nature, it helps to improve the quality in our day to day activities and makes us to free from stress, and we always with fresh thoughts, keeps control our body and mind. 


Strength and Weakness

I believe that knowing our personal strengths and weaknesses helps us to improve our abilities and can utilize in a proper manner, we can turn our weakness into our strength if we have proper awareness of our weaknesses, as because life is meant  learning and being able to recognize our strengths and weaknesses  can help us become better individuals in anything we choose to do, whether it is positive abilities and skills that can help achieve our goals or negative personal areas that need improvement. Knowing yourself and what you can do, can help you recognize and overcome your weaknesses.

Easy Techniques in Studies and Removing Phobia

It is something personal and unique, as each student have unique problem in learning, and our personal training will help to give inputs to improve techniques in learning. We will be very particular to have a one to one counseling for children to understand their actual personal problems which is blocking them for learning, so let us meet the children in personal for our quality help.


Goal Setting

From the childhood one should practice to keep small commitments and try to achieve seriously , one should get trained to be committed, otherwise one will become lazy and expert to keep things postpone. Goal setting involves building of our action plan preparing in order to motivate and direct a person towards goal. One should cultivate committed thoughts with healthy emotions towards attaining the goal. It is a major component of personal growth, and willingness is attain is the main source which makes us to move forward to achieve the goal.



Accountability means responsibility for our actions, mistakes happen but making corrections to our mistakes is our responsibility, it is very common and good thing to forgive children or any one , but simply forgiving is not the complete action until and unless we make us to identify the mistake and teach them to make it right, learning the right things is only possible when we accept our mistakes and ready to seek correction. Children at age seven should begin to hold children responsibilities for their actions are one of the important ways to teach them to become responsible adults.


Purpose /Passion/Vision

One should have a clear knowledge from the beginning of our life about what is the purpose of each activity I am doing and how it will help us to lead my life how my passion will support or effect to my life, purpose and passion is the key role in our vision in fact all these three are interrelate to each other and without proper conscious and awareness our actions may  only lead to passion without proper purpose and vision, so we are working on each and every segment to make children for their self awareness


Care N Direction is a complete platform which helps the children over all development by tuning each sector which no school teacher or parent have time to teach his / her child. Positive Attitude, Creativity, Motivation, Communication, Behavior, Culture, Respect, Health, Basics in Studies, Logical Thinking, Reasoning, Competitive Exams guidance, Basics of Mathematics, Role of Parents In Our Life, Importance of Teacher/School in our life, Role of Friends in our life, Self Knowledge/Motivation Techniques  and many other important aspects we reach to children. We request each parent to give your child an opportunity to know and cultivate many important qualities for his better life and also we request to give us also an opportunity to motivate the children for self awareness.

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