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Personality Development Program in other words Career Development Path we designed Process like


To enroll in our online training program please click on Register and fill the details.



Our day to day life which helps children to understand their role very comfortable Courses



Care N Direction, we give you online training program Certification


Wide range online courses

We can understand how every parent is facing difficulties and worried about the children who are all facing tough timing to pursue quality education to with stand in this competitive world.

Self Confidence

Self Confidence is most important quality to achieve one’s goals and wishes. To invite success one should have self confidence in their abilities. One cannot be successful in his/her life without self confidence.


Career Guidance

Participation in career guidance enhances our thoughts into planning and improves our career preparation and management, thus each student need career guidance to explore our plans for future career to keep proper endeavors depends upon each individual interests, ability and desires.


Goal Setting

From the childhood one should practice to keep small commitments and try to achieve seriously , one should get trained to be committed, otherwise one will become lazy and expert to keep things postpone

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